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Personal Development

The ELEVATE ENTREPRENEURSHIP Workshop Sign up is a gateway to a High level business engagement with some our world-renowned coaches who have been through the entrepreneurial experience and still are going through it due to the operation of their turned 6 figure companies.

Mindset Mastery

As individuals, we need a stable mindset to take us throughout life to make sound decisions. This will become a practice during the course. We would advise that you take the 7 week course if you have been stagnant in business for very long.

Social Media Engagement

Knowing 'where to go and how to start Is key when it comes to social media and the management of it. You will learn this via the course in more in-depth details and will be provided with the name of the books used to carry out the syllabus.

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Our Coaches

We have a globally awesome team of professionals that are ready to serve you both virtually and in-person. We book travel to meetup with you!

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Our Syllabus

Our syllabus is globally taught and fined-tuned to meet the requirements of each student, all the while executing the core values of the lessons being taught.


Our Cost

Our course fees are standard, therefore it does not include our text book fees or travel outside of a 30 mile radius. Additionally, a deposit is made towards the course before an initial course outline is given in its entirety.


Events Organized

We often times invite our graduates or students to worldwide events based on their industry. You can ask for more information from your coach once you Sign Up!

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